Transform your YouTube viewers into loyal customers.

If you're a marketer or business owner with an active YouTube channel, but your videos are just not bringing in the leads or sales you want, we can help.


Got questions on how to use YouTube for your business? Just ask us.

If you're a marketer or business owner, you probably have questions about how to grow your YouTube channel the right way, or even how to get started.

The best way to start is by scheduling a coaching call to get your most immediate questions answered, and see if we're a match to work together. It can save you from wasting time going down the wrong path.


YouTube Channel Management

YouTube offers a lot of great features free of charge for businesses that want to be found by customers. But it can be overwhelming, even if you know everything you should be doing.

Lighten the Load
We help you lighten the load, optimizing your titles, thumbnails, descriptions, keyword tags, playlists, end screens and more. And if you've already got some folks doing some of these things, no problem. We've got management packages for every situation, and can coordinate with your team on whatever YouTube needs they have.

Topic Generation to bring in the best customers

The biggest mistake most businesses make on their YouTube channels is talking too much about their own business, essentially trying to sell too early in the process. This puts off the customer, because the truth is, you have to show the customer you care about them before they will start caring about you.

Help, don't sell
We help you craft niche topics for videos that solve the main initial problems that customers are having early in their buying journey. This brings in viewers who are more likely to be good long-term customers for your business.


Scripts and Video Strategy to win customer loyalty

As humans, we are instinctually most loyal to the friend who helps us do something. We feel compelled to return the favor. The same goes with business.

Help-focused video marketing
If you teach a potential customer how to do something (via a YouTube tutorial) that helps them do their job better, you have a good shot at getting their business. And while this personal connection can be made via blogs alone, watching you help them via a YouTube video hits the customer deep in their "lizard brain," forming a deeper loyalty to you and your business - before they even visit your website or speak to a salesperson.

"Sure, but who makes the videos?"

You do! Yes, really. It's easier than you think.

Some of our customers both host and edit the videos themselves. Some customers have contractors do it. Some ask us to do it. Any of these is OK with us. We are built to help you in whatever way you need us.

They key is finding out what you want. If you want us to advise you on the best ways to present on camera or structure videos to get the highest viewer engagement, we love doing that. But if you just want us to manage the YouTube channel, that's great, too. We're flexible.

why we do THIS:

Avoid mistakes before they start.

We love everything about YouTube video for business. Not just because it's fun, or it's cool, but because it works.

But it can also be confusing to know the right way to do it for business. And it's easy to make mistakes that take you down the wrong path, while simultaneously frustrating the entire team in the process.

Trust me, I know. As a longtime YouTube consultant for businesses, I've seen every mistake in the book, and sadly even made a number of them myself. But to be successful on YouTube for business, you have to quickly create, learn, adapt and evolve. It's my goal to give you the benefit of my experience to speed up the process and avoid the costly mistakes others have made before they start.

- Dane Golden
Owner and Founder, VidiUp

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