How To Write YouTube Descriptions In 2019

Here’s how you can write an awesome YouTube description that will help you get more views. WHY DO THIS? The YouTube description is one of the most underused tactics in growing a business YouTube channel. Also see our podcast with Camilo Countinho on How To Make The Best YouTube Descriptions.


Write awesome YouTube descriptions that will get your videos more views.


  1. While it’s called a “description,” it can and should contain non-description info.
  2. Any links need to start with http:// or https:// to be clickable.
  3. Most people won’t see the description on mobile, but descriptions still help with video SEO.
  4. The first 3 lines of the description appear appear in search and above the “Show More” link.
  5. The description offers you ways to further engage your viewer on this and other videos, or on social media or your website.
  6. The description field can contain up to 5,000 characters.


  1. Don’t write a link in the first three lines, because if people click off too soon, the video will get low watch time and a low ranking.
  2. Write in the description what your video is about and why people should watch it.
  3. Include a link to your website. Consider using a tracking link to track conversion, but know that the click-through rate will not be high.
  4. If your goal from YouTube is to grow your social media presence, you can add links here.
  5. Your most important goal should be to get the viewer to watch another video – this will improve the ranking of the video on whose description you’re working on. So you can add links to other YouTube videos and playlists here.
  6. Add a link to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can copy this format here, except replace the “heycom1” with your channel name:
    This link will give viewers a direct link to subscribe to your channel.


Now your YouTube video description is set up for best results to drive more views and business.


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