How To Verify A YouTube Account


In this video I’m going to show you how to get verified on YouTube. Now YouTube actually has two kinds of verifications. The first kind is to verify your phone number so you can get some basic features on your channel, and this is really for brand new channels. The second kind is a badge you get on your YouTube channel after you pass 100,000 subscribers. This video is about the first kind of verification, for new channels.


  1. Click on YouTube Studio
  2. Click on the Settings near the bottom of the left navigation.
  3. Click on Channel.
  4. Click on Feature Eligibility.
  5. Click on “Features that require phone verification.” verify phone number
  6. Click on “Verify Phone Number.”
  7. Click on one of these options.
    a. “Call me with an automated voice message.”
    b. “Text me the verification code.”
  8. Enter your cell phone number.
  9. Enter the verification code and Submit.


My name is Dane Golden from VidiUp and I’m challenging you to Up Your Game on YouTube for business and transform your viewers into loyal customers. You do that, and you’ll be Golden! So click that next video.

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