The 3 Key YouTube Analytics Factors With Antonio Centeno Of Real Men Real Style

Antonio Centeno runs Real Men Real Style. He gives you his 3 key factors to succeed as a business channel following these YouTube analytics. He researched more than 100 factors.

Factor #1 – Video Topics Are Key

  1. Spend the time learning which topics will resonate with your audience.
  2. Sometimes he doesn’t publish a video, even if it’s completed, if it won’t resonate with the audience.
  3. Every topic has to be a winner before uploading it.

Factor #2 – Thumbnails Are Key

Factor #2 - Thumbnails Are Key

  1. You should know your thumbnail before you even shoot the video.
  2. His team creates 30-40 possible thumbnail variations.
  3. They first focus on the on-thumbnail text language, then on the image in the thumbnail.
  4. They pre-test the final five on his website beforehand to find the most clickable one.
  5. The thumbnail should show emotion.

Factor #3 – 60-Second Audience Retention Is Key

  1. The first 60 seconds need to be edited very tightly.
  2. They want to have 80% audience retention at 60 seconds.
  3. If they watch a minute, they’re more likely to watch longer.
  4. If he keeps audience retention at over 50% at the very end, then he’s got a better chance of them watching the next video.

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