Voices Of VidCon 2016 – TubeTalk Podcast #119

In this episode Dane Golden talks to various VidCon attendees. VidCon was a success this year and we hope to see you out there next year.


– Dane Golden, interviewer from HEY.com
– Antoine Forest, influencer marketing, from Stargazer
– Bailey Brown, beauty influencer Bailey B on YouTube
– Brett Snelgrove – BuzzMyVideos in the UK
– Bree Brouwer, writer, PR, marketing
Jim Louderback, who orchestrated the VidCon Industry Track
– Yan Lei from Utubro in China
– Hao Lu of BeautyQ in China
– Other Chinese Friends
– Joseph Hobbs of ShowBiz Insiders
– Oscar Noriega of Pocket Video
– Phil Starkovich of TubeBuddy
– Sean Cannel of Video Influencers
– Meredith Levine of Troika