How To Upload A Branding Watermark On YouTube

Here’s how you can upload a YouTube branding watermark that acts as an overlay subscribe button on the bottom-right corner of your videos.


The YouTube branding watermark can have two purposes:

  1. It can tell viewers what your brand is.
  2. It can give viewers another place to subscribe. This works on desktop, but not on mobile.


  1. The YouTube branding watermark is global on your channel, but not permanently burnt-in to the videos. If you change the watermark, the new image appears on all of your videos, both new and old.
  2. On mobile, where most people watch YouTube, the watermark is in the same bottom-right corner, but is not clickable and does not act as a subscribe button.
  3. You design the watermark off-YouTube, then upload.


  1. Click on Settings, then Channel, then Branding.
  2. Select when the watermark shows up on the video. Your choices are End of Video, Custom start time, and Entire video.
  3. Click Choose Image, Remove or Replace.
  4. Upload an image 150×150 pixels or larger, but smaller than 1MB.
  5. Images with transparent backgrounds and one or two colors work best.


  1. Some people use their logo as a watermark.
  2. Some people post something that looks like a red subscribe button to encourage clicks.
  3. We do both.


Now you know how to upload a branding watermark on YouTube.

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