How To Write YouTube Keyword Tags

How To Write YouTube Keyword Tags In 2019

Here’s how you can write YouTube keyword tags to get more views.


YouTube keyword tags are hidden phrases that YouTube enables you to attach to your videos to help the platform understand what your video is about. Tags are one of several data points you can use to help make your video more discoverable by your customers.


Get more views by accurately tagging your video with phrases that match the topic and popular search terms.


  1. Know that YouTube has indicated that keyword tags are not as important as in years past.
  2. Know that regardless of YouTube’s claims that keywords are not as important, some channels still do very well by using a solid tagging strategy.
  3. Know that some videos do well without any tags. But why take the risk?
  4. Know that keyword tags are actually phrases, not just single words. You separate the phrases by commas.
  5. The best time to determine keywords is to find out what people are searching for before you even make the video. Then make a video about that topic, and use related keywords.


An understanding of YouTube autocomplete and/or tools like TubeBuddy, VidIQ and/or Morningfame to research keywords.


  1. Select some keyword phrases that are similar across all your channel’s videos and use these across all videos. These might include the name of the business, the video host, maybe a common misspelling of either, and also the category of business you’re in. This helps YouTube group your videos together so the system can refer your videos more often to your viewers.
  2. Enter the general topic of the specific video, and the more narrow focus of the video. You can use multiple phrasings of the topic.
  3. Enter the exact title.
  4. Enter what people are searching for when looking for topics like this.
  5. Find good terms for above using tools like YouTube search autocomplete, TubeBuddy ( and VidIQ ( and MorningFame (
  6. Do not put in tags that don’t describe your video. These will not help your video and may harm it.
  7. You can use up to 500 characters.


Now your video is more discoverable on YouTube by those who are looking for your topic.


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